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Shadow Era TCG  »  Interview with Kathalar, North American Champion
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[Note: This interview was conducted by fellow Shadow Era player, N3rd4Christ, in Spanish, and then translated into English, also by N3rd4Christ.]

How did you find out about the existence of Shadow Era?

Through a friend, who I've played Magic with for years.

Have you played other games like Shadow Era in the past?

Magic, World of Warcraft TCG, Star Wars TCG, Lord of the Rings TCG.

When comparing Shadow Era with real-life TCGs, do you think it captures the essence of these games?

Well, it feels a lot like WoW TCG. The game is well done. Of course, there are things that can be improved, such as a larger card pool, but this will be achieved with time.

Do you believe that the cost of the game is justified by the entertainment it provides?

Yes, Definitely.

Have you introduced this game to family or friends?

Some friends who I played Magic with. They really like it.

How much money have you spent on the game?

I am ashamed, but I will not lie: not even a dollar. Now, with my winnings from the North American Regionals, I'm going to put $50 into my account. I want to try more deck combinations, and the new version promises a lot.

Who is your favorite hero?

Well, no doubt: Eladwen. She gave me the title, and many victories.

Who is your least favorite hero?

Logan. He has a very high cost for a very limited ability.

If you could change one thing about Shadow Era, what would you change?

I would add a mulligan option. This would be a good move. Also, once more cards are introduced, I would like to see a sideboard - this would make the game more strategic.

Do you frequent the Forums?

Yes, every day, to see if the new version of the game came out.

Let's talk about the tournament now. You won the Regional Tournament for the Americas. How do you feel after accomplishing this?

Very happy. I did not think I would go that far. I had some very difficult games but, fortunately, everything went well.

Many players, including me, were surprised by the hero you chose: what was the reason you went with Eldawen?

The reason is simple: she was my first hero, and I used the few gold I had earned to invest in buying the cards needed to improve the deck to what it is right now. I also like that she has a good board control ability.

Who was your toughest opponent?

I consider my worst match to be against Jericho because of Wizent's Staff. It's very difficult to control, since my deck does not have anything to destroy items. The other deck for me, and the best there is ... Majiya - a very difficult matchup.

Many people, in the beginning of the tournament, never expected you to get so far based on the hero you chose. What is your secret for having come so far?

I think it is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your deck. If you know this, then you can balance this according to who you are playing. Never play the same against everyone.

What are you going to do with the $200 you won?

Well, $50 will go to my Shadow Era account and I'll think about the rest when I have it. I might end up adding another $50 to my account.

There was some controversy in the finals, in your five-game championship match against Rumsey, where he said he had sacrificed a card that cost him the game. The replay did not completely match his story. What do you think of this behavior?

I have nothing to say. My opponent was very great to play against and there is nothing wrong with him chatting outside of the match. I would have tried to chat too, but I got disconnected in the semi-finals and could not connect to chat again. I'm glad he was able to talk to me in-game - I appreciated that. He played an awesome game. It just happens that luck was on my side that day, and I hope luck is on his side in the next round.

Looking to the future. Do you see yourself playing this game in a year or two? How long do you think you'll be part of the community?

For as long as possible. I think it depends on them (the design team). They need to not bore the community, and instead continue to improve the game and continue to create new cards, as they have done so far.

At one point, they mentioned the possibility of changing decks for the world finals. What is your opinion on that?

I disagree with that; if you enter into any competition, you are expected to register your team, or in this case your deck, and you are required to use it until the end.

Are you ready for the world finals?

I think I know my deck very well, and I know how all the top decks in the game work, so I think I'm ready.

Anything else you want to say?

I want to thank N3rd4Christ for the interview. I want to thank all the players, and especially the Hispanic community, that I hope will grow more some day.

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