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I started to play Zaladar when I realised Darkclaw-Kill-every-ally.dec (back in 1.27) will not work and was looking for a new deck to play.While I was thinking about it I found put about these forums, once I had logged on I saw Raphael Majere's Megarush. I bought the deck and played with it until 1.28 , after that I changed it a bit for the 1.28 (T1) tourney and this is what it looks like now: I proudly present Barcafan95 ZALADAR.

Deck List

  Hero: Zaladar
  3x Shadow Knight
  4x Plasma Behemoth
  4x Infernal Gargoyle
  4x Brutalis
  4x Deathmage Thaddeus
  3x Bazaar
  4x Bad Santa
  4x Mind Control
  3x Shadow Font
  2x Soul Reaper
  2x Acid Jet
  2x Energy Discharge

Card Selections


In my opinion one of the strongest heros , because he has a good card pool but more importantly also has an amazing native ability. His ability is arguably the best, since it is very easily a 2-1. He also wokrs very well with Death Mage and Brutalis.

Shadow Knight:

A good card, since it can in the late game give you alot of reach and trust me your opoonent will be annoyed if the kill Plasma Behemoth and he comes back so fast.Also a 5/4 beater is not the worst.

Plasma Behomth:

What can I say.... Most likely the best Shadow ally. If you get to your turn with him active your chances have already increased by quite a big amount, he is just sooooooo good. Mostly he jsut acts as a meatshield since your opponents will do everything possible to kill him. Do not play less than 4.

Infernal Gargoyle:

Very important as well since he is amazing of offense and defense. He weards down weapons like a champ and is crazily good versus Nishaven. As added bonus he shruggs Evil Ascenddant and What Big Teeth off like nothing.


An ally less important then Gargoyle and Behemoth, but still good. Wears down armor and weapons well and helps Zaladar kill Jasmine or Aldon. He is also important if you do not bazaar or Bad Santa so taht you do something turn 2. If you get him in the later game => sac him.

Deathmage Thaddeus:

He is amazing on so many levels, he kills Jasmine and Aldon with Zaladar´s help, he kills Kristopher Wyld, Dark Flayer and finshes off other allys with ease. Additionally he can boil down your opponent and kill sometimes more than one ally => 2-1, which are always good. Play 4 and be happy you can.


A lot of people have written stuff about this card but with elementals it is necessary to not run out of gas. With the amount of 2-1 in your deck you will be able to get advantage of this card fairly easily.

Bad Santa:

Best turn 2 play in the game. Nuff´said.

Mind Control:

In my opinion one of the top 3 cards in the game, because it does damage as well as killing your opponents best ally, very important to be able to handle Sandworm, Raven and Aeon e.g.

Shadow Font:

Great card , since moar Lightening strikes => Moar good. Also it can hit unprepared opponents pretty hard being able to use Zaladars ability twice in 2 turns is a good way to winning.

Soul Reaper:

Sweet card to turn games espcailly versus mages (I am looking at you Eladwen).

Acid Jet:

Pretty relevant to be able to handle weapons primarily Wizents Staff and Jewelers Dream.

Energy Discharge:

Takes care of everything in case you lose board-control, they are only good on rare ocasions but when they are good they are very good.

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