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(This is a guest deck article by EPITAPHEVERMORE)


I have chosen this deck as an intermediate deck as it contains ALL of the fundamentals a good deck should have, and introduces weapons/armour.

The theme of Amber's Dream 1.28 is centered on one very important card as its ability is completely unique: Jeweler's Dream. This card increases your resource pool giving you a distinct advantage, but it's up to you to make the most of it...

Deck List

  Amber's Dream 1.28 (View in deckbuilder)
  Hero: Amber Rain
  Allies (13):
  4x Puwen Bloodhelm
  2x Aldon The Brave
  4x Jasmine Rosecult
  3x Armoured Sandworm
  Abilities (19):
  1x Misplaced
  3x Bazaar
  4x Retreat
  4x Blood Frenzy
  3x Crippling Blow
  2x Enrage
  2x Smashing Blow
  Weapons/Armour (7):
  4x Jeweler's Dream
  3x King's Pride


The primary goal of this deck is to provide card advantage and a way to make the most of it. Do this by casting Blood Frenzy/Bazaar as soon as possible. By this stage you will most likely be behind on board control, but don't worry, you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve to turn that around.

Once you have card advantage, create some tempo. Surprisingly, 50% of this deck is cards that cost just 2 or less. This means that when most other decks are casting 1 card per turn, you will be casting 2 which can turn around even the most dire circumstances and give you board control.(even though you may not have any allies on the board, that doesn't mean you can't control it.)

The next step is to make board presence. This is the natural progression from board control. (this just means get some allys on the board.)

Once you have established board presence, pace yourself. You are in control. If the board stays the same you will inevitabily win. Prepare your hand to counter anything that they might do to upset your plans of their inevitable destruction.

Key Points

Most importantly have fun! I love this deck because it can really vary from one battle to the next. Some other decks just seem to play the same game after game and can get very repetative after a while. Amber's Dream 1.28 is a fantastic Intermediate level deck for two reasons. Firstly, the resource curve is beautiful.(most of the time)This makes it easy to win with this deck for even the beginner.(but probably not that often) Secondly, Amber's Dream 1.28 can lead to very complex situations as well as very hard sacrifice and strategic decisions.

Play your opponent.

This is not a one size fits all deck. If you play the same way against all your opponents you will loose more than you win. You need to predict which cards your opponent is likely to play and adjust your strategy to suit them. Some cards that are 'auto-sacrifice' to one hero will be essential to winning v's another.

Card Advantage.

Dont be afraid of casting Bazaar. Yes, it gives your opponents cards as well, but the beautiful thing is by having Jeweller's dream you will have a larger resource pool meaning that you will be able to 'out-cast' your opponent.

The beauty of Retreat.

This card will really save your bacon many, many times. It is the most versatile, combo-able card there is in the game.

The Ideal Board presence.

This can vary depending on your opponent's hero, but in general what you want to aim for is a weapon in play, and an armoured sandworm. Once you have established this combo, consider casting 1 more ally, and that's really all you need.

Time to strike.

There will most likely come a point in the game when you will have 2 allies and a weapon on the board. Hopefully you will have already prepared for this opportunity and have a King's Pride in your hand! Make the most of it and hit your opponent for 11-13 damage! This action should reduce your opponents health to 10 or less provided you have already got a couple of hits in. This will change their gameplay, and force them to go into defensive mode, but with damage coming from many different sources, your opponent's options will be limited.

Take Precautions.

If you are facing a 'burn' deck, dont sacrifice enrage from your opening hand, you might be needing it sooner than you expect.

Remember, all of your damage is inflicted from mele sources so you have to be prepared to deal with a hero's armour quickly.

Even if you have substantial board control, it's a good idea to have an ally and a retreat/crippling blow in your hand. This will maintain the board presence in your favor no matter what may come. And remember, every turn you have board presence, you will be dealing damage.

Buying Cards

I appreciate there is alot of expensive cards in this deck, but you can work with substitutes until you can afford them. As mentioned, the key card is Jeweler's Dream once you have 4 of them and a way to draw more cards, everything else can be worked towards. Just try to maintain a nice resource curve.

Further Thoughts (advanced)

Other cards to consider:

Lilly Rosecult

Dual Wield

Extra Sharp

Campfire Stories

Valiant Defender

I have even experimented with all these with varying levels of success.

Misplaced and Bazaar can be altered to suit the current meta. Trade these for other cards as you see fit. I would recommend always having 2 bazaar to guarantee a high card turnover. Bad santa is an option, but a steady stream of cards from bazaar is my preference.

Good Luck!

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