Shadow Era MELTDOWN Format Simulator

REFERENCE: E7948EBAC343028303309F901AD19DA3
(Tournament Organiser should copy link above and give to player.)

In your 4 boosters, you got:

1 x se001Boris Skullcrusher (UNCOMMON HERO)
1 x se002Amber Rain (UNCOMMON HERO)
1 x se012Logan Stonebreaker (UNCOMMON HERO)
1 x se016Gravebone (UNCOMMON HERO)
1 x se025Kristoffer Wyld (COMMON ALLY)
1 x se028Kurt Whitehelm (UNCOMMON ALLY)
1 x se031Raven Wildheart (UNCOMMON ALLY)
1 x se033Zoe Silversmith (COMMON ALLY)
1 x se034Katrin the Shieldmaiden (UNCOMMON ALLY)
1 x se040Aeon Stormcaller (EPIC ALLY)
1 x se041Deathbone (COMMON ALLY)
1 x se044Brutalis (COMMON ALLY)
1 x se047Fire Snake (COMMON ALLY)
2 x se052Dark Flayer (COMMON ALLY)
1 x se056Cobra Demon (UNCOMMON ALLY)
2 x se061Valiant Defender (COMMON ABILITY)
3 x se063War Banner (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se065Enrage (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se069Shield Bash (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se070Blood Frenzy (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se071Fireball (COMMON ABILITY)
3 x se072Freeze (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se075Engulfing Flames (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se078Supernova (UNCOMMON ABILITY)
1 x se086Into the Forest (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se091Healing Touch (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se096Resurrection (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se097Holy Shield (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se102Reconnaissance (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se106Assassin Training (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se107Ill-Gotten Gains (UNCOMMON ABILITY)
1 x se108Lay Low (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se109Mugged! (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se111Captured Prey (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se113Now You're Mine (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se115What Big Teeth (COMMON WEAPON)
1 x se117Full Moon (UNCOMMON ABILITY)
1 x se118Rabid Bite (UNCOMMON ABILITY)
1 x se126Mind Control (UNCOMMON ABILITY)
1 x se127Feedback (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se128Shard of Power (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se129Life Infusion (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se132Retreat! (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se138Misplaced (UNCOMMON ABILITY)
1 x se139Poor Quality (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se145Evil Ascendant (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se146Pleasure From Pain (COMMON ABILITY)
2 x se147Selfishness (COMMON ABILITY)
1 x se161Nova Infusion (RARE ARMOR)
1 x se166Night Prowler (RARE ARMOR)
1 x se172Dome of Energy (UNCOMMON ARMOR)
1 x se179Crescendo (EPIC ARMOR)
1 x se188Rusty Longsword (UNCOMMON WEAPON)

The links below show the largest decks you can build with each hero:

Boris Skullcrusher
Amber Rain
Logan Stonebreaker

(Trim them down by clicking on cards and then bookmark to save.)